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    Attempt of Invasion of King Rhobar II


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    Attempt of Invasion of King Rhobar II

    Post by Thorusus on Thu Nov 05, 2015 6:31 pm

    Preparations of War
    The entire treasury of Khorinis was spent into arming the city. The Militia was reinforced, better trained and prepared for open warfare conditions. Additionally, many mercenary forces were hired to fight for the island.

    Skirmishes in the Mainland
    After the preparations were finished, the newly-crowned King’s wish was to assure himself that any retaliation from Myrthana will be expelled. In order to do this, his wish was to provoke a war orchestrated entirely by him and to take advantage of the Mainland’s current weakness. The loss of a war would cause fear of a second one in Rhobar’s heart. Therefore, skirmishes were initiated in order to dare the mainlanders into war. The plan succeeded.

    Eventually, Myrthana answered by preparing an expeditionary force. A single battalion was prepared, as the forces of Khorinis were deeply underestimated.
    The invasive forces were not lucky, however, as a huge storm assailed them. The storm lasted no less than one and a half weeks. At its end, only 2 of the 4 ships were still up. The relative weakness of the Royal fleet led a brave Pirate Captain, Cap’n Greg, who strangely seemed to now own Esmeralda(NOTE: THIS IMPLIES HE IS GUILTY OF STEALING NAMELESS’ SHIP) to launch an attack against the Paladins, whom he wanted to wage revenge on. His attack succeeded, as both of the ships took grievous damage to their hulls, and one was even boarded. The remaining survivors(roughly 30% of the initial force) drifted on the sea for many more days. Eventually, they saw their target: Khorinis. They were eager to revenge.
    The secessionists, however, were more than capable of throwing a punch. The mainlanders were even allowed to dock, and still proved unable to push into the city. No more than 2 hours of combat were needed for the attackers to be forced back into their ship. Later, the people of Khorinis began using a joke: “Hey, remember when Rhobar came and was showed his wrath? Me neither, maybe the docks saw it.”

    The invasion was an utter failure. Just as expected, Rhobar never planned a second assault. The Second Orc War turned even worse for him from now on, as he spent even more valuable resources into yet another failed expedition.

    Credits : Alexander (Dommel)

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