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    The Jharkendar Expedition


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    The Jharkendar Expedition

    Post by Thorusus on Thu Nov 05, 2015 6:32 pm

    A few weeks after the attempt "King Rhobar" made to reclaim Khorinis, an even more troubling danger was reported. "King Thorusus" recieved numerous reports of Orcish activity near the Circle of the Sun, a ritual place used by the Monastery. Eventually, two parties of scouts were sent there, of which none came back. The King decided that the matter was too suspicious to just be forgotten, and he had no idea how right he was...

    A militia ranked officer by the name of "Giuggio", who was still a Captain at the time, was sent with a scout to explore the area and get informations. His mission was successful as he had managed to bring an Orcish order that mentionned "Beliar's Claw", an ancient and dangerous divine artifact. Aside from that, the order also mentionned "Commander Galob", an Orcish Warlord that had commanded the siege of Geldern two decades ago. It was clear that there would be numerous Orcish forces wherever the claw was.

    The King gave order to the Captain and his chief lieutenant "Jorn" to prepare themselves as they would leave the morning after to find out what the Orcs were planning. In the meanwhile, "Thorusus" left to see some of the influent people of the island. He thought that a small force of elites would be more useful than an army. His first contact was High Mage "Frank" and the Mage and Judge "Raethorius" which both agreed to follow him in that mission as they were intrigued by the power the "Claw" might possess. Then, "Censon", the leader of his hired mercenaries was called, he agreed in exchange of a sum of gold for him and a scout he thought might be useful, "Argos". And last, but not least, the Bandits... The King didn't like the idea of getting them involved in such a matter, but their skills in getting past sneaking were undoubtable and could be obtained with the right offer of coin. Not only did their leader, "Boryys", agree, in exchange of a large sum of gold, to provide four men ("Skimpy", his right hand, "Ovidiv" and "Dommel", two of his lieutenants and "Gylf", a scout) along himself, but he also provided informations. His own headquarters were besieged by the Orcs in the valley of the ancients, also known as "Jharkendar". He had recieved a report a day before that told of not least than a hundred Orcs led by an Orcish Warlord.

    The King's party was ready to leave for Jharkendar. They had been provided keys by High Mage "Frank" to open the portal that led to "Jharkendar". When they arrived, they were greeted by half a dozen Orc Warriors and an Officer, but they managed to slay them. The King proposed to divide in two parties, one would check on the situation of the bandit camp, the other would go to the north-west. The bandit camp was indeed surrounded by about a hundred Orcs, reported "Dommel". As for the other party, they found one of the two scouting parties that were sent by the King a week before. At the end of the day, the scouts shared their informations with the King and his party.

    The day after, the King knew what had to be done, they had to look for three keys in order to enter the temple where the "Claw" was located. The scouts had already found one of the keys, the second was in a grave located east from there, the King took Captain "Giuggio", "Censon" and "Skimpy" to that tomb. After a small fight with weaker undead, they took the key. Captain "Giuggio" found it too "easy" and felt that there would be a trap, he was right. "Censon" was hit by a poisonned arrow that was supposed to kill him, only, the poison had rotten with time and became a strong hallucinogenic. He went insane and wanted to kill everyone, luckily, "Skimpy" managed to control him.

    The third key was located even deeper in the swamp, at the east of their position. At that moment, High Mage "Frank" exposed an obvious problem : even if they had the three keys, they would still need to reach the Temple of Adanos where the "Claw" was. Mage Raethorius proposed that they teleport themselves inside the camp, but for that, they needed a "Focus stone". "Boryys" claimed to know of the presence of one of these ancient relics in the Pirate camp, which was also besieged. So the King proposed that he, "Giuggio", "Frank", "Censon" and "Boryys" would fetch the third key while the rest of the party would leave with "Raethorius" in order to help the pirates and teleport themselves into the Bandit camp.

    After passing the orcish lines, the King's group managed to get to the temple and fought three dozens of undead and a Keeper for half an hour, but went out victorious. They had found among the corpses, appart from the key, another focus stone. They decided to keep it. A hour later, they were smuggled inside the bandit camp by a few hunters. The whole party was reunited again, except for one who had disapeared : "Argos", but it didn't matter, the priority was to open the Temple of Adanos.

    The King's party went to the Temple's entrance, only to find ten of the bandits were hit by a curse and transformed into undead, they fought them to death. When High Mage "Frank" came to use the keys on the portal, they found out one was missing, "Argos" had stolen it. The King realised that it was too late to pursue the thief as the orcs were getting ready to storm in. High Mage "Frank" proposed then to use the power of the keys to seal the Temple with an even more powerful protective spell, that was the only reasonable solution left, but it required time. "Boryys" then gave his bow to "Dommel" claiming that his lieutenant was a unique skilled archer. The plan was to slay the siege commander to buy time, which succeded, as the arrow "Dommel" had shot went right into the Warlord's eye and through his brain. The Orcs' moral was greatly affected, which gave enough time to the mages to perform the ritual.

    At last, they used the focus stone to teleport every person within the camp back to the portal. After making sure that everyone went through, the High Mage sealed the portal and destroyed the key. It is now kept in a secret chamber in the Monastery of which only the King and the High Mage know of.

    Credits : Thorusus

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