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    List of all the events in Immersive Khorinis


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    List of all the events in Immersive Khorinis

    Post by Thorusus on Thu Nov 05, 2015 6:36 pm

    These are all the events in chronological order from Lord Hagen's expedition to the moment the server is set (about 9 years passed)

    __________________________________________Events before the Inquisition__________________________________________

    ->Lord Hagen's expedition in the Valley of Mines proves to end with an Orc pyrrhic victory. Lord Hagen is forced to fall back to Khorinis. The Paladin forces are extremely weakened, but so are the Orcs.

    ->A mysterious figure gains political strength as Lord Hagen is gone. As he arrives, the men are already against him. He and his faithful knights are taken by surprise by the people of Khorinis and killed in the City Hall.

    ->The new figure crowns himself as King Thorusus the Wise. The people rally to him easily as Lord Hagen was seen as a "tyranic" leader who would've abandonned Khorinis after getting what the King demanded. Mercenary forces are recruited, Khorinis' wealth is invested into recruiting mercenary armed forces in order to protect the Kingdom from any attempt of invasion from the King or the Orcs, says the King.

    ->After some successful skirmishes in Myrtana, King Rhobar forms and sends a batallion to recapture Khorinis. However, a storm sinks half of his fleet, some more are expelled by Pirates who took a lightning attack. The remaining force were less than two hundred and were crushed by the united forces of King Thorusus's army and the mercenaries he had hired.

    ->King Thorusus launches an expedition in an uncharted part of Khorinis with aid from certain autonomous parts of Khorinis. While there are no casualties during the expedition, its goal to reclaim a certain ancient artifact that constitued a danger to the Kingdom is not reached. Instead, the King ordered two powerful fire mages to create a magical seal to protect the temple where the artifact was located.

    ->Outlaws throughout Khorinis unite in an attempt to assassinate the King before his power stretches too far. The attempt fails, and so does the planned coup against Khorinis. Following this attack, all outlaw lairs in Khorinis are ravaged. Certain pirate survivors escape.

    ->The King leads an expedition recorded as "The Red Crusade" in the Valley of Mines in order to destroy the remaining Orcish forces. The expedition ends with a decisive Khorinis victory; many assets of the Royal Army are destroyed(roughly between a half and two thirds) and a detachment of fifty men is garrisoned in the Old Castle in order to keep order and store the gathered ore. After many mercenaries died, the rest of them went back to Khorinis to live as citizen, hunters or farmers, while others decided to join the King's Army.

    ->"The Night of Weeps"- A week after the end of "The Red Crusade", small groups of undead and demonic creatures started to appear in the Valley of Mines. The King sent half a dozen scouts to find the reason of the appearance of these demonic forces only to find out about the awakening of a powerful Archdemon. The same night, a large force of undead creatures attacked the city of Khorinis and the holy Monastery.

    ->Realising that the King's troops wouldn't be enough to vanquish the Archdemon, the High Mage of Fire decided to call upon the Inquisition and had appointed "Salvador" Grand Inquisitor.

    ->Many people, even from Myrtana, come to join the Grand Inquisitior's cause. The Inquisition grows in military, financial and political power. Thanks to the Alliance between the Inquisition and the Kingdom of Khorinis, the evil Archdemon is vanquished and the Inquisition establishes it's Headquarters in the Old Castle in the Valley of Mines.

    ->The King disappears in mysterious circumstances and is supposed to be dead, the rumor even says he's been killed. Grand Inquisitor Salvador takes over power and entitles himself as "Lord Protector of Khorinis", claiming that the Inquisition will remain loyal to Innos and the people of the island.

    ->Many citizens are in displease with the new leadership's authoritarian regime. Certain people denounce the Grand Inquisitor to be a power-hungry sinner and claim he's responsible for the King's death. A rebellion against the Inquisition starts and the Landowner Onar finances it. Many of the mercenaries that didn't join the Army sided with the Rebels.

    ->The Second Orc War takes an incredibly bad turn for Myrthana after Faring's fall. Many people embark on a journey to Khorinis for refuge as the Inquisition seemed to be the best hope for them.

    ______________________________________Events from the start of Inquisition______________________________________

    ->After a month of Rebel ambushes and Inquisitorial raids, both the factions decide to make truce that would last two weeks.

    ->The Inquisition uses the truce time to strengthen it's headquarters in the Valley of Mines and starts producing weapons in mass, as for the Rebels, they use that time to find more volunteers to their cause.

    ->The Inquisition decide to break the truce after only 10 days, as they were well prepared and had the advantage of surprise, but their raid on the Rebel Headquarters fail for a high ranked officer, Captain Alan, decides to join the Rebels.

    ->Shortly after Alan's admission to the Rebels' ranks, the Rebel's leader Giuggio disappears in mysterious circumstances, similarly to Thorusus's disappearance. Alan then succeeds him as leader of the rebellion.

    ->The Rebels ask for King Rhobar's support to fight the Inquisition promising to make Khorinis a Myrtanian region loyal to him, but he refuses because of the Orc War. The Inquisition however successfuly aquires help and troops from the Orc Warlords, which led it to launch an assault on the Rebel headquarters.

    ->The Inquisitorial assaulting forces counted 200 troops, while the Rebels, who summoned almost all their forces, were no more than 60. The Inquisitorial forces were hit hard at first, but when the Inquisitor decided to fight himself, the Rebels were crushed. The Rebel Leader Alan attempted to flee, but a spell casted by Inquisitor Dommel made him fall on his own sword which empaled him. The remaining survivors were brough back to the headquarters where they saw their leaders corpse before being massacred by Inquisitor Dommel with the Hammer of Innos, which got him the nickname "The Hammer of Khorinis"
    Casualties :
    Rebels : 47 men (during the battle) - 13 men (massacred by Inquisitor Dommel)
    Inquisition : 66 men (of which two lieutenants and a mage)

    ->A year later, a trader called Gale comes from Myrtana by ship. He quickly raises in power becoming the secretary of Justice in town, allowing him access to the city's treasury and information about the city's defense, garrison etc...  He accuses the Governor Garwin of attempting to murder him.

    ->To investigate the affair of the Governor he himself placed's trial, the Lord of Khorinis, Inquisitor Dommel, comes in person to Khorinis. He then finds out that Gale is actually Thorusus, he was unrecognized because all people who had seen him were rebels, thus dead. The Inquisitor had given specific orders to keep that a secret, the King's return was to stay unknown to the people.

    ->Garwin recieved public congratulations from the Inquisitor for service to the town of Khorinis and help in discovering a traitor. Thinking that allowed him to do what he wants, he raised tripled the taxes for both citizen and traders and seized every building in town "in the Inquisition's name", the owners could still reside in the buildings, but they were Inquisition property. That led to a massive riot, the Inquisitor then decided Garwin was to be publicly executed with the Hammer of Innos. Thorusus attended the execution and shot Garwin with a crossbow, stating that such a dishonorable man's blood would stain the sacred Hammer, and at the same time announced his return to the people of Khorinis before fleeing in the harbor.

    ->Thorusus manages to convince Dommel to join him and betray the Inquisition, the terms of the pact are known only to them two. Dommel sends his men to the pass to slaughter the guards there and replace them, giving himself time to prepare for an assault before Salvador hears of his betrayal.

    ->Thorusus uses his rank of "Master" of the Order of Fire (which one rank below the highest title, "Grandmaster") to call upon a Crusade against the heretics of the Inquisition. Many errant knights, paladins and followers of Innos answered the call despite the orcish war and the quarrel between Thorusus and Rhobar, for that was a religious call. A company of mercenaries was also hired. In the end, their forces counted around 400 crusaders, 60 mercenaries and 40 ex-inquisition soldiers.

    ->After gathering a large enough force, Thorusus along with the Commander of the Crusaders and Dommel marched on the Valley of Mines, they assaulted the castle, believing it was unprepared, but Salvador was aware of their plans, so they had to lay siege to the castle. The siege didn't last more than three days, for after a while, Thorusus decided that Dommel should lead a few elites and infiltrate the castle to open the gates which was a success. The fight afterwards was a slaughter.
    Casualties :
    Crusaders : 32 crusaders (of which 4 knights and a paladin) - 5 mercenaries
    Inquisition : 160 men, the whole castle's garrison (of which five lieutenants, two captains and a commander)

    ->After conquering the castle, Salvador was nowhere to be found. The ex-Inquisitor Dommel stumbled upon a letter while searching in Salvador's room, which became the castle commander's room in Salvador's absence. The letter was from Salvador himself, requesting additional troops to reinforce his fortress in the mountain, which led Dommel to think that Salvador was hiding there. He then takes his elites to assault that fortress.

    ->Dommel expected to find a fortress that was not well guarded, as they had vanquished most of the Inquisitorial troops, but the fortress wasn't guarded by living beings, it was guarded by undead beings. The fight was hard, but Dommel prevailed and managed to enter Salvador's cave. After a long fight where all the elites united their forces to Dommel's to prevail on Salvador, he was slaughtered, but he wasn't vanquished, before his last breath, Salvador took the form of a Demonic being and fled.

    ->Three months after the crusaders' return to Myrtana, after the rebuilding of the Valley of Mines castle, the repopulation of Khorinis and the surrounding farms and the refilling of the Army's ranks, the Island becomes prosperous again. That is when King Thorusus surprised everyone by resigning from his barely taken back title of King of Khorinis and bequeathing it to Dommel, thus making him the ruler of the Island. Thorusus then leaves with a mage in black robes in the middle of the throne room.

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