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    Post by Thorusus on Thu Nov 05, 2015 11:34 pm

    Kriskiy was a mere convict who got caught and thrown into the barrier ,after being killing the man that killed his family but escaped justice. When he arrived at the old camp , people didn't judge him for taking his revenge, instead, the Arena master told him it could be an advantage in battle, so he became a skilled fighter. One day while he was fighting in the Arena ... he felt someone was watching him... he couldn't explain why but that mysterious presence made him feel stronger so he won his fight easily. After a month he was assigned to protect a Fire Magician , so he did . The mage had seen that Kriskiy had some potential, so he took him as his "apprentice". A day, while the Mage needed some ingrediants, they went in the forest. When they arrived at the place ... Kriskiy felt something powerfull taking over him. But his luck was that he was protected by Thorusus , yes the Fire Magician , Thorusus didn't need protection , he was giving a test to Kriskiy , to makes sure his loyality is absolute, and Kriskiy passed. In a year he was given the chance to become a novice , so he did , he respected Thorusus and made a vow to always serve him. When the barrier colapsed , they managed to escape unharmed ... but when they arrived in Khorinis ... all had changed ... The war between orcs and humans .. changed everything. In a few weeks , Thorusus made a band of bandits with Kriskiy as his right hand ... in the following months ... they killed a mage , killed a paladin (stupid paladin , who was cheating , as he was lying down he tp himself and then used kill command on us , and still insisted that he won, anyway) , and slowly they rose to power , striking fear in people's hearts. As the time passed Thorusus killed Lord Hagen ... so he became Lord Of Paladins And Commander Of Khorinis ... but still he didn't forget about his friend Kriskiy. Kriskiy , laid low ... he didn't need to kill anymore ... In the events that followed ... Kriskiy disappeared ... he was never to be found ....

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