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    King Thorusus


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    King Thorusus

    Post by Thorusus on Fri Nov 06, 2015 12:26 am

    Thorusus's story starts in Trelis. He was no noble, as some would think. His father was a sergeant in the militia and his mother worked in a tavern until she died when giving birth to him. He was indeed born in Trelis, but after his mother's death, the pay in Trelis for a guardsman wasn't enough for his father, so he decided to move to Vengard. The pay was better there, but the danger was greater. When he was 12 years old, Captain Edgard, the commander of the city guard in Vengard, led a detachement of 30 men for an assault against an orcish scouting party. Thorusus's father died in the mission. Thorusus then decided to join the city guard as a recruit, but after two years, he noticed that he wouldn't make it further than his father did, as he was uneducated. So he left the army and started to work as a blacksmith by day. With the money he earned, he learned how to read and count properly. With his education ,by the age of 19 ,he integrated the military academy of Gotha. He got out with the rank of Lieutenant after 3 years and went back to Vengard. There, he served for 10 years and became Commander. He was only 30 when he and Commander Lee assaulted together the Varantish forces that tried to attack in the south, it is said that he stroke 50 men that day! He continued to serve Rhobar II and was promoted General 10 years after that battle. After 5 years of service as a General with Rhobar II, some nobles decided that, like General Lee, Thorusus was a danger to their political plans as he was impartial and wouldn't lie to the King. They made the King think that Thorusus was giving informations to the Orcs about positions of the outposts. And that's how Thorusus was thrown in the Valley of Mines by a King he had served for 25 years... The colony is a dangerous place, especially for "the King's people", but Thorusus was no fool, he knew that his real identity would get him killed. He made people think he was a Fire Mage that was thrown there because of studies of the dark arts, as he had heard that another brother of the circle of fire commited that "crime". Most luckily, Corristo, the leader of the Fire Mages under the barrier, gave him a chance to "repent himself" by becoming a novice again. After 3 years, Thorusus became a real fire mage and had mastered the 3rd circle of magic. That knowledge was as useful to him as his post as a Fire Mage in Gomez's "court". At the moment of the murder of the Fire Mages in the Old Camp, Thorusus was, luckily for him, gathering some ingredients with his novice, Kriskiy. When noticing the guards near the entrance, they knew it wasn't in their interest to get back to the camp, so they hid for the following weeks in a small camp below a waterfall... waiting for something to happen... and something did happen. Indeed, a mysterious "hero" caused the barrier to fall, and thus, the convicts to be free. Thorusus knew that his status as Fire Mage could be deadly to him as the mages in Khorinis knew he wasn't one. So he cut his robe and Kriskiy's novice clothes, sold the linen in town and bought leather armors and maces and started mugging people for money. It was the best way a "criminal" could make money. A month later, after "Raven", an old ore baron and leader of a group of bandit, died, dozens of bandits came to Khorinis. Thorusus had made a lot of money, in the meantime, so he hired most of these men in a "gang" of his. He and his right hand Kriskiy stroke fear in the hearts of the citizen, only, Thorusus didn't like his situation, he knew he could offer more to Khorinis. When Lord Hagen left the people of Khorinis in the mercy of the orcs, he saw a chance to seize power. Thorusus bribed the heralds to praise him as their "savior". He convinced the people that Lord Hagen had abandonned them for "magical rocks" and that it was King Rhobar's order. When Lord Hagen came back to Khorinis, he had lost most of his men, he had less than 10 knights in his company. When he reached the Main Hall, he found Thorusus waiting for him. Lord Hagen was slain in one hit, as he was exhausted from the battle. Kriskiy had a few men scattered all around Khorinis, they murdered the knights one by one. Thorusus was in power and had the people backing him. Only, when he became King, the bandits didn't follow him anymore, a man called Boryys led them against him. As for Kriskiy, he vanished. Thorusus knew that he couldn't keep peace alone, so he had to make sure that his councillors were trustable. His Captain of the Guards, Giuggio, was a very loyal and brave knight. The Judge in town was a corruptible person, so he chased him. After dealing with these matters, he realised that in order to be truely free to make a better country, he had to be independant from Rhobar, so he decided to declare Khorinis an Independant City-State. He became King Thorusus, Governor of the town of Khorinis, Protector of the Realm, Lord Commander of the Army and Ruler of the Island of Khorinis. After many years of fighting Rhobar, Thorusus did make peace with him under his own terms. Giuggio became his most trusted General, he saw himself in him. Khorinis eventually flourished economically and militarily. Thorusus was so confident he led an army of five hundred men down to the Valley of Mines to finish what Lord Hagen started, the event was called the "Red Crusade". Eventually the orcs were beaten and the economy of Khorinis flourished even more thanks to the ore that was now abundant. A year after that, Demonic beings appeared in the valley of mines, unable to beat them, the King sought the Monastery for help, that's when Mage Salvador called for an Inquisition. Salvador established an Inquisition and led it for a year until the Archdemon that was responsible of the demonic appearances was vanquished. During that time, King Thorusus financed the Inquisition and helped it militarily. King Thorusus died a month after the defeat of the Archdemon in the main hall. Some say it is Salvador who killed him, others say it's Giuggio, his most trusted friend, who stabbed him in the back... But no one really knows...

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