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    Post by Thorusus on Fri Nov 06, 2015 4:45 pm

    Dommel was, for a long time, an Inquisitor and the Judge in Khorinis. Not much is known of his early life. Certain outlaws known to have been in partnership with him attribute his origins in Faring, of a Nordmarian clansman mercenary and a Myrtanian aristocratic woman. In spite of his hypothetic "noble" birth, the northerner blood instilled fire into his soul, eventually running from home. He was found by one of the bandit leaders on the mainland. Official documents suggest that he served in the Penal Colony. Dommel was a naturally talented man in the art of combat. He’s been a bandit for a long while, assisting the previous King during his time as a Boss. It is not known for sure, but we suspect he’s had some implication in Lord Hagen’s assassination. He never tasted the life as a royal errant, thus joining up with notorious outlaws such as the mysterious Boryys, the dreaded Skimpy, the cunning Ovidiv and the sealord Asdrubs. Many believe it was more than a coincidence that he had became a novice shortly before The Purge. Outlaws support the idea that he became a monastic man for their sake, to spy, but we have many reasons to believe that, in fact, he did so to save his life. But it didn't matter for the Inquisition, a man with talent to stay alive is more than welcome to serve them. And he did, for a good time. He even helped the High Inquisitor, Salvador, during the Siege of the Rebel's camp, rumor has it he even executed every survivor using the Hammer of Innos, a sarcastic joke to the rebels who were, for the most of them, believers of Innos. Some say that's where he got the nickname "Hammer of Khorinis". He was named Lord of Khorinis by High Inquisitor Salvador, as a reward for his services, but he placed Garwin, a citizen he liked, as Governor. Garwin did a good job, and even uncovered a plot to overthrow the Inquisition in Khorinis, but he got overconfident and started demanding more than what was his, which eventually led to Dommel to execute him, using the Hammer of Innos. He was then approached by Thorusus, who revealed that he was going to take Khorinis anyway, using his title as Master of the Order of Fire, which allows him to call for a crusade. Realizing that he could either die for Salvador or grow in power under Thorusus, the choice for Dommel was clear. Not only did he provide every man the Inquisition had in Khorinis to help Thorusus, but he also raided the Pass to the Valley, to block the information from reaching the High Inquisitor, who had his highquarters in the Valley of Mines. Thanks to the crusader forces, Salvador was routed and the Inquisitorial forces crushed. It is unknown if it was a reward, or just the weigh of the crown becoming unbearable, but Thorusus left, the day after, the whole Kingdom of Khorinis in Dommel's hands. Soon afterwards, the location of Salvador was discovered, and a raid had been launched with the help of a few crusader volunteers, as well as the Stewark forces, who's lord was then a vassal of Dommel. When Salvador was finally brought down, Thorusus appeared, and took his lifeforce into him. He then proposed to the group of knights who helped Dommel slay Salvador a deal, join him and his "masters". Two knights joined him : Ser Vladone and Baron Arturo. Dommel since then became in open war against Stewark, the Orcs, Myrtana and Thorusus's "masters". He knew he wouldn't be able to stop them, so he sought out for a secret expedition, taking with him 3/4 of his army. Two months later, however, as he still wasn't back, the Orcs seized the opportunity to take Khorinis with few casualties and have been ruling it since then.

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