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    Post by Thorusus on Fri Nov 06, 2015 4:45 pm

    Dommel is currently an Inquisitor and the Judge in Khorinis. Not much is known of his early life. Certain outlaws known to have been in partnership with him attribute his origins in Faring, of a Nordmarian clansman mercenary and a Myrthanian aristocratic woman. In spite of his hypothetic "noble" birth, the northerner blood instilled fire into his soul, eventually running from home. He was found by one of the bandit leaders on the mainland. Official documents suggest that he served in the Penal Colony. Inquisitor Dommel was a naturally talented man in the art of combat. He’s been a bandit for a long while, assisting the dead King during his time as a Boss. It is not known for sure, but we suspect he’s had some implication in Lord Hagen’s assassination. He never tasted the life as a royal errant, thus joining up with notorious outlaws such as the mysterious Boryys, the dreaded Skimpy, the cunning Ovidiv and the scourge Asdrubs. Many believe it was more than a coincidence that he had became a novice shortly before The Purge. Outlaws support the idea that he became a monastic man for their sake, to spy, but we have many reasons to believe that, in fact, he did so to save his life. But it didn't matter for the Inquisition, a man with talent to stay alive is more than welcome to serve them...

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