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    Post by Thorusus on Fri Nov 06, 2015 4:55 pm

    Strong and devoted warrior, Giuggio comes from the darkest and most inhospitable place of Myrthana: Nordmar. His family, native of the Fire Clan, is one of the most faithful and wealthy of the clan... Or it was, until King Rhobar's army invaded Giuggio's homeland. It was then that he started to hate every kind of injustice, and at the same time, to admire and dream the military life. Trained in secret by Paladin Georg, who saw some potential in him, Giuggio became soon a notable warrior and Kerth, leader of the Clan, nominated him Chief of a Hunters' group. During a patrol, the team met an ancient tomb, and all the members except for the young Giuggio, were killed. Depressed and thinking he was dishonored by not dying with his people, he could not return to his village. Therefore, he decided to regain his honor and went south, with the purpose to make fortune and glory in the arenas of Myrtana and thus "cleaning" his name. While wandering through the continent, Giuggio heard some voices concerning a rising realm in the Island of Khorinis... What better occasion to recover his honor? So, he reached the harbor city and enlisted in King Thorusus' Army. In a short time, he achieved the rank of Captain, and later on the rank of General! At the same time he became a close friend with the King and his most trusted advisor. He was also a great military strategist, together with King Thorusus, they had fought back the Invasion of Rhobar II, vanquish all the bandits in Khorinis and eliminate the Orc threat in the valley of mines. After Thorusus' death, which Giuggio suspects had been caused by Salvador the Inquisitor, he swore to avenge his old friend, and with the help of his brother Raethorius, Frank the Archmage and Onar the Landlord, he started to merge all those who oppose to the Inquisition in one faction. This is his sole aim in life: Giuggio's honor will be completely restored only with revenge for Thorusus; That means - with Salvador's head.

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