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    Post by Thorusus on Fri Nov 06, 2015 6:40 pm

    Censon, son of Runak, of the house Alanicus. Their house's bloodline is one of the most ancient ones in Myrtana, they've served the kings for many generations. According to the noble custom, Censon in his youth became a squire in the services of a paladin named Roland, who was a very brave warrior in Montera. After years of service, he was promoted and became not only a knight himself, but a lieutenant, however, he was relocated to Vengard, thus serving General Lee. He was there the day General Lee was accused of treason against Rhobar. Some of Lee's men were murdered and executed, while others were thrown into colony. Censon was "spared" and got thrown into the colony, because their house had many deeds before Myrtana and its people. He didn't want the future of his brother Alan ruined because of him, so he took the blame. In the colony life was harsh, but he outlived it along with Lee, and what's left of his men. They took refuge in the mountains, and established a camp which was known as the "New Camp". Life kept going, until... a strange figure came to them, to the mages more specifically. People thought he was just an errand boy from the "Old Camp" at first, but they were wrong. After the barrier collapsed, Lee's people escaped, and Censon was among them. Ever since then he got in contact with his family again via ravens delivering letters. He followed Lee and his men to the place called "Onar's farm". Life seemed to be getting back to normal again, or at least so it was until that strange figure came again, and the reality changed once more. Censon found himself as the commander of the remaining mercenaries on the farm, because Lee left with that figure. With the blink of an eye Lord Hagen was erased from that reality as well, and Censon found himself breaking bread with the new king of Khorinis, Thorusus. Thorusus hired Censon and his men to defend Khorinis against the forseen attempt of Invasion of Rhobar to retake the Island, but it didn't last, for after seven years... everything changed again...Censon was replaced by a younger mercenary called Sebastian, "He is stronger and loyal" - said Thorusus to justify his decision. Censon followed Sebastian in the "Red Crusade" along with 400 soldiers and five dozen mercenaries. Sebastian died in the last battle, killed by an orcish warlord, but Thorusus didn't care, for there were less than a dozen mercenaries left, among them was Censon. The King ended the contract with the mercenaries, and Censon went to drink the rest of his money in Orlan's tavern. Two years later, King Thorusus was dead and the rebellion started. The rebels called upon the old company of mercenaries, and Censon needed a cause to fight for, so he joined up with them. One of the days the Inquisition has suddenly launched an ambush attack on Onar's farm, which served as the main rebel outpost. Censon was among the defenders on the farm, and although the rebel forces have prevailed - Censon did not.

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