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    Diablo (WIP)


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    Diablo (WIP)

    Post by Thorusus on Fri Nov 06, 2015 6:45 pm

    Born at Braga, in Varant, Diablo's father was a hunter and a fighter. His father was the arena champion, a fight-thirsty person who, when had no match to fight in the arena, would beat Diablo's mother. She died when he was still 11, so he left home and was found by Nomads who hosted him. They thought him their way of fighting, and by the age of 19 he had mastered swordfighting. He went back to Braga, defeated his father in single combat but was found guilty of cooperating with Nomads, so he was banished from Varant. He was smuggled to Myrtana by pirates, one of them, Asdrubs, gave him a banadana, which he has worn since then and never removed it. He lived in the woods of Silden for three years out of what he hunted, until the rumors of dragons in Khorinis reached his ears, so he spared some gold to go there with Asdrubs but he had already left, so he hid in Lord Hagen's ship. Once there, he joined a man called Thorusus, who had promised to take him to a Dragon Hunt, but he used Diablo's talent in fight to get to power. Once he became King, Thorusus named Diablo Commander of his King's Guard, for there were few as talented as him in fighting, but he soon left, for he didn't care about Khorinis at all, all he wanted was to see dragons with his eyes, so he went to the valley of mines... and was never seen again...

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