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    Post by Thorusus on Fri Nov 06, 2015 11:16 pm

    There is not much known about Lolziam. Rarely seen in Khorinis, his appearence was scarce. Some say he was a dark wizard , some say he was the true High Mage slain by Thorusus, but that does not really approve for he was in good deeds with Thorusus, or was he? He was not for long into the lands of Khorinis. Initiating the first steps of the Monastery and gaining trust , he became a High Mage for a very short period of time whilst he took more and more knowledge from the crumbling monastery. His absence hadn't been noticed and others took his place. Where he had dissapeared was unknown, even the Dark Wizard's tower had been silent since ever , dead or still alive, no one knows of his fourtune really, but he played his role in the story and walked away.

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