This forum is made for the players of the server Immersive Khorinis which had stopped some time ago but now is back!

    Gothic Multiplayer, Immersive Khorinis and RP: F.A.Q


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    Gothic Multiplayer, Immersive Khorinis and RP: F.A.Q

    Post by Thorusus on Thu Nov 26, 2015 1:04 am

    Some of the frequently asked questions (F.A.Q) about the "Immersive Khorinis" server, Gothic Multiplayer and RolePlaying in general:

    Q: What is RP?
    A: RP or RolePlaying is defined as pretending to be someone else or pretending to be in a specific situation. You will control a player in the server and will have to act as if you really ARE the character. Your actions and words must be realistic and fit to the situation.

    Q: How do I play in the server?
    A: See:

    Q: Once I'm in the server, what do I do?
    A: Since it's an Immersive RP server, you must first customize your character, you can do so by pressing F7. Obviously, you're mortal, and just another person among everyone else. It's an open world, so the possibilities are countless.

    Q: What is the server's story? When does it happen in comparison of the events in Gothic 1, 2 and 3?
    A: The events take place in the middle of Gothic 3. What has happened in the "Immersive Khorinis" world so far has indeed BEEN RolePlayed by the server's players. (Most of the information about the characters and the events that have occurred have been recorded by me and Dommel, they can be found HERE)

    Q: What does this server feature?
    A: For now, the server features:
    -An account system to save your progress
    -Looting system
    -Questing system
    -New armors
    -New weapons
    -Merchants to buy equipment, potions and ammo
    -NPCs and monsters
    -Dicing system (mostly for events, but can be used between players)
    -Player/player trading system
    -Ownership of properties
    -A few more minor features...

    Q: What will the server feature later?
    A: The following features are planned:
    -New spells
    -LP system
    -Teachers to learn skills
    -More features will be added later...

    Q: Can I have more than one character?
    A: No.

    Note: If you have any further questions or suggestions, ask them HERE

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