This forum is made for the players of the server Immersive Khorinis which had stopped some time ago but now is back!

    !!!!!!! Getting started !!!!!!!


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    !!!!!!! Getting started !!!!!!!

    Post by Thorusus on Wed Dec 02, 2015 8:30 pm

    What you need to play in the server:
    First, you need Gothic II Night of the Raven.
    Second, you need to download the Gothic Multiplayer mod (version R-9-2)
    Link: Gothic Multiplayer

    Then, you need our mods, you will put these files in the DATA file.
    Links: file/hkacv6hqgtoqmtt/IK+orcs+vs+rebels+main+parts.rar file/pg60qkhs3zpoc2k/IK+orcs+vs+rebels+textures.rar file/qeoy886n8kel0ds/New+IK+patch+%28hopefully+latest+3%29.rar
    You won't need any other IK mod/patch/addon/fix except one of these files.
    If you have any older Immersive Khorinis/Immersive Colony file or ANY OTHER MOD in your Data folder, remove it
    After that, you will have to start the launcher IN ADMINISTRATOR MODE. Change your name in the middle left place where "Nickname" is written.
    Push the "List" button up at the left, then "add server". In the IP address, add this IP:
    The server should then appear in the list, now, you just connect, write "/register" followed by your password and play! Very Happy

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