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    Death & RP death


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    Death & RP death

    Post by Abbas on Wed Jan 20, 2016 10:55 pm

    There are two kinds of death in game, RP death and a regular one.

    Regular one is when you get killed without any special RP dialogue, no matter whether it's by a monster, fall, ranged weapon, melee weapon, or magic.
    When you die a regular death - you lose 20% of your gold if you have more than 50, otherwise you lose it all. It's considered more like a heavy wound rather than death, so you basically end up spending gold on a healing patch to recover.

    RP death is when your character gets killed forever, when he gets killed - you must create a new one.
    RP death can be performed only via special dialogue which indicates on a permanent kill of a person, and the person who does it MUST take a screenshot when doing so, otherwise the death won't be counted.
    Before committing an RP death with a melee weapon - you must knock out your opponent on the ground (careful, because you can't knock people down with ranged weapons and magic). After he's knocked out - you write your special RP death dialogue, and then use a finisher to end that person, forever.
    Regarding magic & ranged RP deaths is kinda more complicated, since magic & ranged can instantly kill a person, so they don't get the chance to knock their opponents down and take them hostage. All the same, they still must write their special RP death dialogue which MUST appear as fatal (for example, a sniper-archer who's aiming for the head or a mage who sends his lighting bolt to the heart of his target) before committing that permanent kill.

    Knocked out opponents can become hostages, they can't run away or fight. They must follow the lead of their captors in anything they do within 1 hour. After 1 hour they can attempt to escape by rolling dices (/dice), which both sides must do (captor and hostage). The cooldown of rolling an "escape dice" - is 1 hour. Should the captor win he keeps the prisoner, should the prisoner win he gets 10 seconds to escape before the captor can chase him (remember to take screenshots to have evidence).

    Also, should the captor go offline - the prisoner can't leave the zone in which the captor keeps him. If the captor doesn't show up within 24 hours - the prisoner can leave.

    When you perform the drawing of your weapon before a fight you must wait 5 seconds before charging in.
    This is regarding any type of warfare (melee, ranged, magic).


    It's recommended to be able to take multiple screenshots during such important events.
    Read the comment below from Thorusus.

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    Re: Death & RP death

    Post by Thorusus on Wed Jan 20, 2016 11:01 pm

    Also, I should add, in order to perform multiple screenshots, you need a program that you would require to run before starting the game, I would advise you to ALWAYS do so.
    For the program, I, myself, use Fraps, link: HERE

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