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    Post by Abbas on Thu Jan 21, 2016 12:26 pm

    Rebels are a freedom-loving militaristic regime, but due to the rise of the Inquisition, the situation goes entirely against them. They would lose an open battle against the overbearing Inquisition, that is why the Rebels lurk in the shadows when the enemy passes through the woods. They are the swift terror that lays low and strikes the occupiers before they have even drawn their weapons.
    Resistance must never stop. Rebels' attacks must never give the Inquisition a rest.
    In order to prevent a chaos midst the Rebels, Commander Alan has created a list of rules to follow for the ones who have chosen the path of vengeance, freedom, and justice.

    A) Every person in the service of Rebels must swear to serve the right cause. His duty is to demonstrate his fully dedication and loyalty to the Commander.
    B) Since the Rebels are a free folk, they are not forced to stay on the farm (unless they're carrying out orders or doing missions), and can wander wherever they want through the entire Island, at their own risk.
    C) Folks who get captured by the Inquisition MUSTN'T reveal anything about the Rebel forces, tactics, and movements. If it happens, the weaklings will be processed for treason, and punished with death.
    D) Murdering a fellow Rebel will be considered as treason.
    E) Swampweed and alcohol aren't forbidden, but the consumption has to be moderate.
    F) Attacking farmers and robbing them is inappropriate, thus being considered as a terrible crime. The Rebels must protect them with their own lives.
    G) The tavern is always open, men must respect the women and the inn-keepers who work there. Should anyone harass them - they will pay a fine.
    H) Everyone may enter the main building, except for the upper floors, unless the Commander gives a specific permission.
    I) Chapel is a sacred place for worshiping the Gods, it is advised to be respectful there, because otherwise there might be shallow consequences.

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