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    Rules & Laws


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    Rules & Laws

    Post by Abbas on Tue Apr 12, 2016 11:17 am

    After the assassination of "King Thorusus", the "Inquisition" has seized power in order to prevent chaos around the Kingdom of Khorinis. Besides, new laws have been erected to make peace and keep order.

    1) The Inquisition has taken control of power of Khorinis, that means that every Inquisition member represents not only the Inquisition, but also the Kingdom.
    2) The Inquisitors are the hands and the mouth of the Inquisition, they have the right to meddle in most justice, financial and political matters all around the Kingdom.
    3) Anyone found guilty of being a rebel will be punished for high treason, besides, anyone found guilty of collaborating with the Rebels, giving them shelter or helping them in any way will be considered as a traitor and will be punished for treason.
    4) Murdering will be considered as treason.
    5) The dealing of "Swampweed" is forbidden for it alters the mind, anyone found guilty of it will be punished for serious crime.
    6) Attacking citizens and thievery are both considered as a crime, and the criminals will be punished accordingly.
    7) The Inquisition's Headquarters are located in the Valley of Mines, but there are recruiters in town for anyone who wants to join.
    8] Entering someone's property without permission is forbidden, it's considered as a crime and will be punished accordingly.
    9) You can't enter the Upper Quarter unless you're a Privileged Citizen, Secretary, Experienced/Elite Hunter, or in service to the Inquisition, violation of this rule is considered as a crime.

    high treason: Death.
    treason: Lifetime jail / Death.
    serious crime: 3-7 days of jail / 5000 - 25000 gold.
    crime: 6 hours - 1 day of jail / 200 - 3000 gold.

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