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    Professions and jobs


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    Professions and jobs

    Post by Abbas on Wed Apr 13, 2016 9:51 pm

    So, you're in the city, you must pay some gold to stay.
    What can you do? You have only one day to pay for your visit, otherwise - jail.

    You have to decide, whether you want to join the service of Inquisition, or to become a Citizen and get a job. Perhaps even join the freedom loving Guild of Hunters, who knows...?
    Well of course you can always not go into the city, instead have a walk outside in the forest with wild beasts and hungry bandits.


    Maybe you're wounded after the road? Go to the healer.

    How to become a Citizen? Secretary accepts people 24/7.

    What jobs are there?

    Doesn't matter, as long as you're paid. However, there are four types of Citizenship: low class, middle class, Privileged, and a Secretary. Depending on your grade of Citizenship you'll have different types of jobs available, the higher your Citizenship - the better the jobs are.

    How to get Citizenship:
    1) Low class - Talk with Secretary Reginald. You also must pay 100 gold.
    2) Middle class - Talk with Secretary Reginald while being a low class Citizen. You also must pay 500 gold.
    3) Privileged class - Talk with Secretary Einar while being a middle class Citizen. You also must pay 2500 gold and own a house.
    4) Secretary - Only a Governor can decide whether you're qualified or not.

    * Street cleaning, talk with Hotel Owner.

    * Brewing potions, talk with the Alchemist.

    You must have ingredients.

    * Forging, talk with the Blacksmith.

    /heat near the forge
    /forge near the anvil
    You must have ingredients.

    * Carpentry, talk with the carpenter.

    * Courier job, talk with the trader.

    * Fishing, talk with the fisherman.

    /fish near the beach

    In the future there will be more professions and jobs.
    Follow this topic for any changes and news.

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