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    Post by Thorusus on Thu Apr 14, 2016 3:22 pm

    Garwin was born in the isle of Khorinis, his father was a blacksmith and his mother was a maid in the city of Khorinis, during his childhood, Garwin was very good at counting and he spent most of his time studying books about economy that he got from travelers in exchange of some work at the docks. He was a cunning boy with full potentional of getting all people's trust. He wasn't that trustworthy but he always managed to have people on his side. When he grew up he didn't follow the way of blacksmith as his father wanted , instead he went to the Monastery to study more, since it was the only place with many books. When he returned to the city he was a grown up and ready to take action, but while Rhobar was ruling, there were no places for the son of the craftsmen, even if they were useful, so he took back his father's furnances for a year. Thorusus's coup d'état was helpful to Garwin, for Thorusus seemed to believe in meritocracy. Garwin managed to become a memeber of the city's council. With his good understanding of economy, he quickly was raised as responsible of the city's taxes, a rather dirty business... but he was up to the task. When the Inqusition took control over the Kingdom, they promoted him Governor for he was one of the few who had power in the Kingdom and were appreciated by the people. He now is ruling Khorinis under High Inquisitor Salvador's will and Inquisitor Dommel's watchful eye.

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