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    The Archive of Crimes

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    The Archive of Crimes

    Post by Jaxon on Sat Apr 16, 2016 4:32 pm

    This thread is going to be dedicated for recording the crimes done against the Inquisition and it's members.

    Only my posts are going to be official regarding this subject. Please inform me of any crime by PM.

    ================== ------------------------------ ========================= ---------------------------- =========================== ------------------------------ ==========

    DATE:April, 16th
    NAME: Gene
    SEX: Male
    APPEARANCE: White hair, in his mid-forties, naked.

    CRIME № 1.

    Walked down the City with only his underpants on.
    PENALTY: None, just a warning.

    CRIME № 2.

    Assaulted an Inquisitional soldier Dan in the harbor area.
    PENALTY: 300 gold fine, Jail, heavy beating and some work for the Fisherman.

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