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    Post by Thorusus on Tue Jun 28, 2016 7:39 pm

    Seboras's origins are in Myrtana, he was living with his family there when he was young, in the town of Montera, his family was poor so they had to steal to live. Once, Seboras got caught by a tavernkeeper when he was stealing some food for his sick mother in Montera but when the tavernkeeper tried to stop him, Seboras (being a strong fellow, even in his younger days) accidentaly killed him when he was trying to defend himself. Guards arrested him shortly after. He would be beheaded for his crime, but Seboras was strong so they threw him on the next ship to Khorinis to make him a prisoner in Penal Colony. Seboras joined the New Camp... Thats origin of his hunting skill. He was a local hunter and stuff seller.. He did good.. He was under the barrier like for 2 years... then it fell down and everything screwed up. He barely escaped and made it to Khorinis city. He was hunting and selling his stuff like before and did good, he didnt care about anything.. Later when Hunters guild was started in the times of war with the Inquisiton, he joined right in... He was one of the best hunters there and when their former master Aeron died in the fight with the shadowbeast on the hunt, Seboras became their leader... Now, after the new king Dommel closed the Hunter's Guild, he refused to join the royal army and left the city. He is now a mercenary captain and commands the forces of the main enemy of the king Dommel , Baron Reginald, the leader of the Rebels.

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