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    Post by Thorusus on Tue Jun 28, 2016 7:53 pm

    Arturo was born to lowborn parents. After his birth, his father decided to retire and buy lands on the eastern archipelago . Arturo spent most of his life helping his father until he died of old. After his death , his son inherited all the lands and fortune, so he sold everything in order to learn to write & read & count and learn how to fight like a real mercenary should he need to. He started his career as a sellsword company leader, well not really a company, it was just a bunch of ex soldiers and farmers, no more than 10 of them, but they did good work. Years later, Lord Stewart was informed of his quickness and his sharp wit , so he named him scribe, which made him a member of the Lord's court. After a few years, he was assigned to set sail to Khorinis, which he did. He there met King Thorusus who was then deprived of his title by the Inquisition, but he presented him support to get it back. Once Thorusus took his title as King of Khorinis, Arturo became Governor of Khorinis, but only for a short time, after the Fall of Stewark, King Thorusus sent Arturo to rebuild the fortress in ruin and to hold it in his name, making Arturo a Baron and a vassal of Thorusus.

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