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    Code ( Rules ) of the Bandit Faction


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    Code ( Rules ) of the Bandit Faction

    Post by Arturo on Wed Jun 29, 2016 12:46 am

    The Bandit Code

    1) No bandit attacks or kills other bandits unless on one on one combat to solve an issue between the two sides

    2) No bandit steals his fellow bandit's loot, DESERVE IT!

    3) Obey your superiors and above all, the BOSS.

    4) The Boss gets the a gold coin for every 10 gold coins from a big raid on a farm or inn..

    5) When killing an opponent, plunder his body until he's left naked for the rains and worms

    6) Finally, Be a snitch, AND YOU'RE DEAD. Betray us, AND YOU'RE DEAD. Leave us, AND YOU'RE DEAD.

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