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    Inquisitorial Trials


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    Inquisitorial Trials

    Post by Thorusus on Thu Jul 07, 2016 2:48 pm

    An inquisitorial trial can only be called by members of the Order of Innos (Knights, Paladins, Fire mages and the King).
    An inquisitorial trial is called when to accuse a person of an act of heresy, these are the reasons for which a person can be drawn into inquisitorial court for :
    • Worshipping of Beliar or other demonic deities
    • Murdering a member of the church of Innos
    • Attacking a member of the church of Innos
    • Blasphemy
    • Using dark magic (necromancy, demonology etc...)

    During an inquisitorial trial, there are three judges (each members of the holy church of Innos). The accused then must provide evidences of his innocence while the accuser will provide proofs of the accused's guilt.
    There are three outcomes to an inquisitorial trial :

    1) The accused is found guilty which leads either to a donation to the church of Innos, jail or death, depending on the gravity of his act and the will of the three judges.
    2) The accused is found innocent. In that case, he is given a small compensation for his time (500 gold pieces) and is allowed to walk free.
    3) The accused confesses his crimes. He is then allowed to join the monastery of Innos to repent, leaving all his earthly belongings (gold, weapons, armors, houses, businesses and titles)

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