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    Post by Thorusus on Thu Jul 07, 2016 5:14 pm

    A trial can be demanded by any citizen or member of the army of Khorinis. To demand a trial, one must bring at one proof or more (depending on the accused's social rank) of the accused's crime.
    Basically, anyone can be dragged to trial, but the greater the social rank of the accused is, the harder it is for the accuser to bring him down, moreover, if the accuser's social rank is low compared to the accused's one, it will be problematic for him.

    A trial is usually led by a Judge, if not available, depending on the nature of the crime, either the Captain, the Governor or the King will judge.
    A trial can be demanded for any of the crimes in the "laws of Khorinis" section.
    Both the accused and the accuser must then bring forth evidences and witnesses to plead in their favor.
    The King, the Governor and the Judge can't be dragged in a trial, for they have juridic immunity.
    To drag the General, the Captain, a Paladin, a Knight, a Landed Lord or a High Magician, one must bring three witnesses and five proofs.
    To drag a lieutenant, a sergeant, a lesser noble or a fire mage, one must bring a witness and three proofs.
    To drag a soldier, a recruit, a citizen or a novice, one must bring two proofs.
    To drag someone who isn't from the city, one must bring only a proof
    If the accused is found innocent, the accuser must then pay an eighth ( 1/8 ) of the fine the accused should have paid to the court and another eighth ( 1/8 ) to the accused for his time.
    If the accused is found guilty, the court can decide either if he must pay a fine or serve jail time. The accuser also receives a fourth ( 1/4 ) of the fine for his service.
    The final verdict is given by the Judge.

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