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    Looking for a C# Programmer / Made by Casius


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    Looking for a C# Programmer / Made by Casius

    Post by Thorusus on Wed Aug 31, 2016 10:27 pm

    Hi to everyone who reads it.
    I am looking for C# programmer for Gothic Multiplayer RP-Sever. (The game is Gothic 2 Addon).
    Because the amount of work needed is overwhelming, i will try to find more programmers, so the people who are working on the project will be relieved from the amount of time they have to invest.
    This is not a modification of the game but a new game which is based on Gothic-engine AND new Multiplayer engine.
    Team exists off Adults, which know RP well and right Gamedesing.
    The work which you gonna do is voluntary. All people in Team invest their own freetime to make the game and nobody will be paid.
    The finished Server will not have any revenue from the players/their data/advertising. The only thing is Paypal-donation function for continuous server expenses.
    Server will serve as RP-Game and fulfill criteria of RP-PnP and RPG of 2016.
    RP-game concept is a new design for a living RP-Server. (Its like you would create a new RP-PnP game).

    I look forward to come in contact with interested people and if you have any question write me a pm.

    Respectfully yours Casius.

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