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    Server Rules


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    Server Rules

    Post by Thorusus on Sun Dec 25, 2016 4:55 pm

    In order to make some order in the server and the forum, a few rules have been established. Each and every player, no matter how high his rank is, must follow these rules, otherwise they will suffer the consequences.

    1) No racism or hate speech towards an individual, an ethnic group or a belief/religion neither in the forums nor in the OOC chat in the server. Anyone found guilty of it might face a temporary or permanent ban, depending on the seriousness of the speech and the previous behavior of the player.

    2) This is an English server, which means it is required to speak at least understandable English. Moreover, both in the server while Roleplaying as well as in the forum, it is required to speak only English. (Players who both speak a shared language may use it in OOC only if they're alone). Using of a different language in global may result in kick. If a player is too stubborn or simply can't speak English, the player might get a ban.

    3) Using any kind of cheat/hacks will get you a permanent ban.

    4) If a player finds what seems to be a glitch in the server, he is required to inform the administration in THIS FORUM. Anyone that uses a server glitch for his own benefit will face either temporary ban, character reset or permanent ban.

    5) Names are to be realistic in the server :
    - They must not contain numbers.
    - No composed names such as "Geralt the Hunter" or "Silvio of Gotha", except for "family names".
    - No capital letters such as "XxDeStRoYeRxX".
    - Names must not contain swear words.
    - No names from the Gothic games that suggest that you're these characters such as "Lee", "Gomez", "Nameless", "Hagen", "Rhobar" etc...
    An admin or moderator can ask a player to change his name if the first thinks the name is not realistic enough.

    6) If your character has a background story, it must be legitimate and lore friendly :
    - Your backstory can't justify having an item (equipment or not) that others can't have. Example : "I'm an ex-knight, I have a knight armor" or "I have a family heirloom sword" etc...
    -Your backstory can't justify a boost in skills that others can't reach. Example "I was a mercenary for years, therefore, I have mastered one handed fighting"
    - Your character can't be an important character that was seen in the Gothic games.
    - Your character can't have a title, acquaintances or anything resembling that that would give him an advantage that others can't have. Example : "My father was a lord so I can get in the upper city" or "I know the Governor, so you must make me a novice without me having to pay" etc...

    7) No crossovers with other kinds of fantasies. Everything you say must be lore-friendly with both the lore of the server and the lore of the game. If a Roleplaying session is based on something that contradicts either the game or the server's lore, the admins can and will overrule it, considering that all consequences of that Roleplaying session are nullified since none of the events happened.

    8) No kind of RP-breaking actions such as : Bunnyjumping, Powergames and Metagames. Read more about these HERE.

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