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    RP breaking actions.


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    RP breaking actions.

    Post by Thorusus on Sun Dec 25, 2016 5:27 pm


    Bunnyjumping is to travel between locations jumping non stop (which is obviously RP breaking).


    Metagaming is when you mix between OOC and IC.

    OOC : Out Of Character,  you use it for anything which is out of character. Which would be smileys, short terms like wtf, lol, omg, rofl etc. and anything that is ir real life. When you talk in OOC, you write @ before your text.
    IC :  In Character, which means the world of your character, and other characters, which doesn't mean the world of the player who plays the characters. You write normally for IC, without @ before it. The IC chat should be like when you talk to anyone else in real medieval times, without any simple worlds like etc, lol, thanx, ty etc... When using the IC chat, it's your character talking to the other characters, not you talking to other players.

    Mixing between OOC and IC would be using information you obtained OOC (in real life) in the game, for example, first time you meet a player, you see his name above his head and call him by it. It is metagame because you're not supposed to know his name since he never told you. Another example would be either giving or asking for IC informations while OOC and it's used IC, example : You tell in the OOC chat that the captain of the guards gave you a secret letter, then someone asks you IC about it or a bandit overhears the OOC chat and tells his boss who then attacks you. He's not supposed to know since the information was given OOC.


    One form of Powergaming is forcing actions against another player. For example, you write "#instantly kills someone, takes their money and walk away". It's an impossible action to realize since they could block if they had a weapon or dodge the attack. So any action that you can't or aren't sure that you can realize is considered Powergaming.
    Another type of Powergaming is doing an action that is impossible to do, only not using the "me" or "do" chat. For example, you fall from a cliff, you barely survive, you have 2 hp left, but you get up and walk away like nothing happened. It's Powergaming because normally you should be wounded, maybe broke a limb, you need a moment to get up, maybe can't get up at all.

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