This forum is made for the players of the server Immersive Khorinis which had stopped some time ago but now is back!

    Post format


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    Post format

    Post by Thorusus on Mon Jan 02, 2017 6:39 pm

    The posts in this section must be in the following format :

    A first post which contains :

    • The nicknames and levels of the participants.
    • The purpose of the RP session.
    • A brief explication of what happens in the RP session.
    • The result of the RP session.

    A second post which contains the screenshots and video(s).
    At least three screenshots of the RP session must be taken for it to be validated.

    Afterwards, one of the admins will add a post in which they will decide if the RP session is valid or not and the amount of experience each participant will receive.
    Also, there must not be more than 8 screenshots

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