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    Death of Lord Hagen and secession of Khorinis


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    Death of Lord Hagen and secession of Khorinis

    Post by Thorusus on Thu Nov 05, 2015 6:27 pm

    Assassination of Lord Hagen
    After his expedition in the Valley of Mines, Lord Hagen saw his forces all but depleted. He lost his ship and most his men without achieving his goals. However, the events turned out to be only the beginning of the worries the Paladins had to face.
    As they returned, the Warriors of Innos found the population of Khorinis outright hostile towards Myrthanian rule. According to the few Militia assets still trustworthy, a mysterious figure, with a broad chest, white hair, strong jaw and strong personality held a speech where he presented the rule of King Rhobar as corrupt and useless to the inhabitants of the island: “The King took our seas and gave us nothing”.
    Investigations were set in motion, but not enough time was given. In the very first night, the citizens of the town took up arms and centered themselves towards an armed force and traitorous Militiamen. The few, weakened Royal assets were quickly taken down. Lord Hagen and his loyalists were slain in no time.
    The next day, the mysterious man identified himself: he called himself “King Thorusus, a man of humble birth with will to aid the people and bring the island back to its glory of the old days”.

    “He came from nothing…but he wanted everything.”
    -Fragment from Monastery’s records, regarding King Thorusus’ rise as a King.

    Credits : Thorusus and Alexander (Dommel)

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