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    Post by Thorusus on Wed May 23, 2018 3:51 pm

    Vladone was born in Myrtana, somewhere in the outskirts of Gotha to a loving father and mother with 3 other siblings. Being the oldest son in his family Vladone had became accustomed to the role of leader. Because their parents were poor hunters, Vladone and his siblings didn't get quite the education. He was faced at an early age with the harsh reality of life. His parents were accused of stealing from the royal armies' supplies. They were executed and left there to rot in their house. When Vladone arrived to his hut he saw a notice on the wall with a small blood dipped knife drawning. Upon entering the hut he saw his whole family dead, killed by the soldiers and left there to rot. When he rushed out of the hut he stumbled upon a knight, Ser Andorhal. Witnessing the unfairness and horror the lad had been through, the knight took him in his care, taught him how to read, handle a sword and shoot with a bow. Years later, he was suggested to join the city guard, which he almost agreed to, until he saw a tattoo on one of the officers arms, a blood dripped knife. Knowing that would be the man responsible of his parent's death, he knew he'd come to cause a problem, sooner or later, so instead, he left the city, and started wandering around Myrtana. He joined a few bands of mercenaries and eventualy led one of his own. Upon the start of the war his band grew quite big and they were caught in an ambush by a band of orc warriors, he was the sole survivor. He then fled to Khorinis, joined the militia in town and got up the ranks rather quickly. After proving himself times and times over, while rivaling with Hant, another fellow militiaman, he eventually was knighted and joined the crusade against Salvador. When King Dommel led the assault on Salvador's island, not only was he present, but he was also one of the two who joined Thorusus, when he asked for the knights' support. Since then, he's been wandering the world, serving the Keepers, and occasionally visiting his friend, Arturo, in Stewark.

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